About Me & ItsHipHop

Where to start.. My names "K-TO" The sole publisher/creator of the blog known as "ItsHipHop". I live in Kitchener Ontario, Canada. I'm currently a 17 year old student who is trying to get into an apprenticeship program.

I started this blog on August 05, 2008 because I had a lot of free time & kinda as a fall-back plan in case my career choice didn't work out. Like most sites mine started out slow getting like 7 hits a day but it slowly picked up to where it's at now (a weak 3000 a day).

Trust me it's very hard to keep up with those other blogs in terms of content and exclusives, That's why I'm looking to join forces with another site and post there. So Any Sites Out There In Need of An Experienced Blogger For Free Can Drop Me A Letter At itshiphoponline@gmail.com

You may notice I post a lot of newcomers music (which a lot of sites don't do anymore) I don't get advertisement in return for doing so but I do it anyway. To get your music or your artists music on my site email me at itshiphoponline@gmail.com

What I HATE In Emails:
- A Forwarded message.. Like an email that says "Yo check out my new sh*t! It's hot fiyah!" & see that it was sent to like 500 other sites. If your gonna do that at least hide the list or something.
- When I post music from artists I've never met and when I email them back saying I posted it they never hit me back with a "thanks" or "good looks".

It might sound stupid but honestly guys that's all it takes to see your music never posted on my site (again) and a lot of other sites.

Now that that's off my chest, back to your regularly scheduled program.. Thanks