Charles Hamilton - The L Word Tracklisting + Update On "Rappers Like Us"

1. Ring Around the Rosey
2. Body Telepathy
3. Sweetheart (Take It Back)
4. Theories of Wine
5. DSW
6. Maybelline
7. Wishbones, Horseshoes and Basketball
8. Novelty
9. Pre-Prenup
10. Women Hate Women (Lady Luck)

The tape drops on Tuesday

In his blog he also stated the song "Rapper's Like Us" with Joe Budden, Royce, & Crooked I I think will most likely not come out because Joe Budden wanted the song to be a surprise.

"As far as "Rappers Like Us"? We're waiting on Joe. Who said he ain't with it, because I leaked the info."

Kinda wack reason for not releasing this song but w/e. Halfway House on Tuesday!