Charles Hamilton Speaks On "Rappers Like Us"

Via Blog

"Last night was incredible. Pause. Studio session wit my n1gga Mecca, Royce Da 5'9", and Kid Vicious. Had a blast just rappin, playin beats and talkin about future plans. Maybe it's my fault (says Joe Budden), but I don't know what the status is with "Rappers Like Us". Joe feels the beat got over saturated, and the joint shoulda been a surprise. Well, my thing is, word leaked out about it, so I confirmed it on my blog. I prolly should just said nothing, but f*ck it. It's in the can. We all got our verses, and maybe sometime in the future we'll drop it. Until then, we're all working on making something bigger. Won't get into details, but the 4 of us (Crook, Joe, Royce and I) are gonna talk and see what we can make this."

I think Joe Budden wanted to keep this song quite was so he didn't have to worry about the hype shooting everyone's expectations way up like Slaughterhouse. Therefore he didn't have to worry if everyone including himself delivered. But I'm sure it'll leak in a month or two, A Track like this would be great for some Halfway House promotion , which drops in 7 days by the way!