Lil' Wayne Misses Concert Due To Metal Detector

Earlier in the week Lil' Wayne, Brandy, young Berg, and Jay-Z were all scheduled to perform at Boston's 94.5 Monster Jam Event, the show would have gone without a hitch if Lil' Wayne had actually showed up.

In an official statement from a Monster Jam rep they said "Lil' Wayne was at the show but refused to perform because he had to go through a metal detector. He and his crew refused to comply to standard Boston Police Department guidelines and pass through a metal detector, that everyone including staff adhered to, Lil' Wayne actually cleared through security but then turned back and went to his vehicle after his crew refused to go through security."

They tried to get him back, but he refused Meanwhile the DJ is stalling onstage and fans were getting upset. Then finally at 9:15, 15 minutes before his set was supposed to end the crew started breaking down Lil' Wayne's set and started setting up for Jay-Z's performance.

Lil' Wayne is also scheduled to headline tonight's sold out Power 105 FM Powerhouse concert alongside Jay, Ne-Yo and D-Block.