Young Buck Say's His Next Album Will Go Platinum

Young Buck said he doesn't care if other artists have bigger names — he's going to sell a million.

"The name of my record is The Rehab," he said with a smile Sunday in Atlanta. "Straight up, that's where I been at."

Buck said that he and Tupac's protégés, the Outlawz, will put out two separate projects around the same time. "You can expect for their album at the top of the year," he said. "Hopefully it comes January, no later than February.

"Regardless of whatever you may hear, whatever dealing with Buck, what you see is what you get," he continued. "Honestly, to be real, 50 [Cent] made the statement to the world that 'Buck is no longer a part of G-Unit, but he's still an artist on the label,' so whenever I guess he gets over his situation and figures out his album, I guess we'll come to terms and figure out a release date on my album. Until then, I ain't stoppin'. That's why I'm going so hard with the mixtapes. I'm everywhere. Hopefully, we'll get a release on my album in January or February."

In the Southern MC's perfect world, he'll be able to be released from G-Unit Records. He said he already has suitors willing to buy him out of his contract if 50 is willing to sit down and negotiate.

"I'm trying to get totally away from the whole G-Unit situation, period," he said. "If I can directly deal with Interscope, so be it. I only got two albums left anyway. So at this point, all I'm trying to do is fulfill what I got left with homeboy and move on. It's already understood that the relationship with me and G-Unit will never be the same, so you don't ever have to look forward to seeing me back with G-Unit. That's not my thing. I'm staying down with the streets, and the streets are staying down with me."

In today's day and age there is absolutely no way an artist like Young Buck will sell a million records period. When artists like The Game, and T.I. have trouble getting past gold there's a problem.