"Boondocks Bootlegs"


Although fans eagerly await confirmation announcements of Season 3 of hit Cartoon Network series The Boondocks, creator Aaron McGruder [click to read] announced that he would be offering fan content this week.

Titled "BoondocksBootlegs," the comic strip-turned-TV hit is offering fan favorites in a new online medium. The sketches, starring Boondocks favorites like John "Granddad" Witherspoon, Gary Anthony "Uncle Ruckus" Williams and Carl "Thugnificent" Jones, features the same hilariously profane, yet insightful comedy that McGruder is infamous for.

"So much happens between seasons that we can't comment on because the production schedule of the show is so long," explains McGruder in a press release. "These online sketches are a lot like The Boondocks comic strip in that it allows me to be topical again, which is always a lot of fun."