Chamillionaire Stepping Out Of The Rap Game?

With the release of Chamillionaire's newest mixtape "The Mixtape Messiah 5" coming in the horizon and his latest album "Venom" in the works Chamillionaire seems to think all this work is being done in vein.

"My thought is OK, I'ma give y'all what y'all want, all y'all have to do is just support my records when they come out. Support my album because honestly this time around I gotta hit a home run. If I don't, I'm very realistic with myself. I probably won't be doing this."

Although his last album "The Ultimate Victory" was well recieved by fans and critics the album only managed to push 79,000 it's first week and 215, 000 total, with the help of lead single "Hip Hop Police".

"I could say that I don't care about sales but I won't be here if I don't start caring, the way that this world works, success is the only think that people remember. So whatever people call success, I need that."

Chamillionaire also looks to stand firm on not cursing on his newest album. "I will never go back on that, when I say something I don't change it. I don't want to make a big campaign out of it, I'm a man of morals. If you don't stand for something in this world then what the heck is your purpose?"

Man, can you picture Chamillionaire stepping out of the rap game? Is this just a scheme or is he really serious.