Charles Hamilton - Intervention Official Cover + Tracklisting

1) Weirdo
2) Verbal Vicodin
3) Tinkerbelle
4) C Food
5) Jeezy Hamilton
6) Free Incoming
7) Honesty Box
8) Chivalry
9) Delivery or DiGiorno's
10) 11:59 PM (Pretty Memories)
11) Charlie's Angels
12) Jesus For A Day feat. Macy Gray
13) Bruce Almighty (Moon Outta The Sky)
14) Supernatural Vacation

Mixtape Coming Soon...


DDotOmen.com said...


K-TO said...

hey charles hamilton's alright

DDotOmen.com said...

...obviously you didnt read the reviews of sonic the hamilton.

K-TO said...

no... i didnt

Anonymous said...

Ddot Omen, you didnt like Sonic The Hamilton??