Common Launches New Blog, Diddy On CSI: Miami

Common has officially caved in to the blogging world and has started his own blog online. He will be making personal posts about his life, music, etc. "I've definitely been avoiding technology. It was due to me wanting to focus on other things, and I didn't get drawn into it until now."

Common will also be selling his newest album "Universal Mind Control" for 99 cents a pop. In an interview he said. "Zune worked out something with the label, Zune has been very supportive of good music. They've been doing stuff with N.E.R.D. and me. I've done a commercial with me and Afrika Bambaataa. They worked out something with the label where you can get the album for 99 cents, and I'm grateful."


In other news 50 Cent isn't the only one getting big acting gigs, I just learned that Diddy will have a 2 episode appearance in hit CBS show "CSI: Miami". Though the details are sketchy it is confirmed that he will be playing a prosecuter who gives the cops (David Caruso) a hard time. Oh snap!

The show should air sometime in December.