Eminem Expects "Relapse" To Drop Early 2009

Eminem's latest album, "Relapse," is now headed for an early 2009 release, the Detroit rapper announced during the live three-hour sendoff to MTV's daily video countdown show, "TRL," on Sunday evening.

Chatting to former "TRL" host Carson Daly on the phone from the Detroit studio where he's working on the new album, Em said, "We're looking at first quarter next year, which is probably, you know, January, February." The album was previously gunning for a late 2008 release.

Em said he's "real close" to finishing "Relapse," his first studio effort since 2004's "Encore." He said he's recorded nearly 100 songs in the last couple of years, "but now we've just got to go through everything, pick the best ones and, you know, put it out."

Daly asked what the feel of the new album is and where Em is drawing inspiration, but Em declined to answer, saying only that its title, "Relapse," had multiple meanings. "People just gotta hear it," he said.



Rudy said...

Have you heard his song "I'm Having a Relapse"? It sounds kind of crappy. But there's another song called "Who Want It" ft. Trick Trick. That one Sounds WAY better.