Gay Community Respond To Trick Trick Comments

As I posted a few days ago Detroit Rapper Trick Trick released in a statement the disgust he has for homosexuals. "Homosexuals are probably not gonna like this album. I don’t want your faggot money any goddamn way" Trick Trick states.

Many including a gay L.A. rapper named "Deadlee AKA The Homo Thug" came with a response.

“My first thought is to get crazy and warn him that this f**got will kick his ass, but I am so on Cloud 9 with Obama winning, and the way he did it, Obama was called a terrorist, unpatriotic, and the entire time kept his cool, I so wish I was like that. I know who I am and my self worth that I really don't give a f**k who or what a Trick Trick has to say. There is still a lot of hate against gays, and a Trick Trick just perpetuates the hate…so if Trick Trick really does plan on putting an AK to my head/I ain't going out like that! Trick Trick will be the only b***h that ends up dead!”

"I really can't get past the fact that Trick Trick calls himself that name, With all of the homework he did on Rosie's cruises and gay adoption, he should have found out that a "trick" is a word heavily used in the gay community to describe what a gay hustler turns to make a buck.” Said Arenivar producer of Urban Raiders.

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