Lupe Fiasco Confirms 3 Discs For "LupEND"

As you should already know Lupe Fiasco announced a year ago that his next album after "The Cool" would be his last rap album ever. He also hinted that the album didn't have to be just one disc, though the details were sketchy

Fast forward over a year later and not much info has leaked but just recently Lupe Fiasco announced his album "lupEND" will officially be 3 discs long.

"It ain't gonna be one album it's gonna be 3 albums!" He states

The 3 discs will be called:



Down Here

Together they are "lupEND".

There's still a question whether or not the album will be released as a full 3 disc set, or 3 different albums sold at the same time similar to Nelly and his Sweat/Suit idea. Lupe Fiasco is currently busy promoting his F&F crew.