Styles P Opens Up On The Term "Swag"

From the countless "Swagga Like Us" Freestyles to the "Swag Splash" the word Swag has seemed to become very popular in the rap game particularly in 2008. Styles P took some time to express his feelings towards the word.

"The thing I hate about '08 was the abuse of the fucking word swagger. It’s not even the use of the word that bothers me, it’s the abuse of the word that bothers me, Jesus Christ! Just let it go a little bit. Lean off of it a little bit.”

“I mean, ain’t nothing wrong with having style, swag and all of that, but I think all the guys are starting to be so focused on the look and the way they are so much, that it almost make them like girls.”

LOL Totally agree with The Ghost, especially with Jim Jones, it's really getting out of hand, let's hope it dies off in '09