50 Cent Speaks On Eminem: "He's Like My Grand Mother"

Eminem on set of what looks like a new video.

While on break in the UK from shooting his new movie "Dead Man Running" 50 Cent took some time to talk about his status, and Eminem.
"It's always a pleasure working with Em for me, when I leave here, I'm actually going back to the States, to Detroit, to work with him again. You know, me and Em, we work really close together. He's like a relative to me. He's done something for me. He's like my grandmother. He's someone that provided an opportunity for me to take care of myself when I couldn't take care of myself. My grandma did it when I was a child, and then Em provided the opportunity for me as an adult."
Last week I also posted a new Eminem song titled " Number 1" which will be on an upcoming Big Mike mixtape. It has also been confirmed by MTV that the song is officially titled "Breaking Bottles"

Albums from Eminem, 50 Cent, & Dre are expected out early 2009