50 Cent Speaks On Losing Millions In Stock Market

No matter where you are especially in the States you gotta be suffering in this recession, even ask 50 Cent.

In a recent interview 50 briefly shared his thoughts and spoke on losing millions. He just recently put his 18 + million dollar home up for sale. The house, equipped with 19 bedrooms, a 40 person hot tub and 37 bathrooms has yet to be bought.

"I'm waking up in a room that was previously Mike Tyson's bedroom, a fighter who earned over $500 million in his actual career, and when I purchased his house from him he was in bankruptcy," he said. "If that's not a strong enough reminder for you, I don't know what's going to remind you to be aware of where you are financially and make conscious decisions." Says 50 Cent.

He also casually spoke on losing a couple million dollars due to the stock market.

"Well yeah, I lost a couple million dollars already; you see what I'm saying? I sit with my investors and business managers and accountants looking at the numbers and I'm like, 'Yo, the values of stocks in different areas that I invested in are decreasing!' So I take the loss like everybody else."