ItsHipHop Featured Artist: Fuze

I got another feature artist for ya'll to look out for, he goes by the name Fuze, be sure to check him out. Picture requested by Fuze BTW...

Born and raised in the outskirts of Atlanta, Fuze (formally known as Future The Time Traveler) has had an interesting relationship with Hip Hop. Growing up in home where hiphop music is and still is to this day frowned upon and dismissed as trash, Fuze was forced to bury any lurking talents and aspirations under a veil of discontent with the musical art form and way of life.That was until he finally found the outlet and inspiration to spark his inner fire at the Atlanta A3C concert in 2008.

He performed a short rap entitled "proof" for XXL freshman artist Blu and received well deserved co-signing from the west coast MC. So much so that the next day Blu himself sent him a beat to rip apart via email.

Growing up in the lower-middle class suburbs surrounded by ghettos gave Fuze an striking duality that is prevalent in his music.Waking up in the morning riding, with his single-mother to school listening to national public radio and Sam Cooke only to hear the likes of Lupe Fiasco, Charles Hamilton and T.I at school has shaped his music into something that can only be described as unique.

One moment he could be placing hypnotic melodic rhyme scheme across the beat and effortlessly move into a twist mid-verse (a skill not common found amongst southern mc's). His simply complex lyrics have the ability to satisfy on the first listen but after many listens impress and feed the deeper sections of the mind with elaborate extended metaphors and ideas.

In short amount of months he has developed skills and abilities it takes many artist years to master. At 17, although still a little rough around the edges, Fuze is currently one of the most promising aspiring MC's to date.