ItsHipHop Featured Artist: Tha Advakit


Introducing one of my boys from HHU, Tha Advakit, expect to see more of him in 2009, and like all my featured artists this aint you average rapper. Check It!
Think about every negative stereotype that you've ever heard in regards to hip hop music. Now, imagine, what would a rapper be like, if he were the exact opposite of those stereotypes. He'd be a brilliant and intelligent lyricist who expressed himself with unique and thought provoking concept songs. He'd also be a positive and uplifting rapper, while at the same time displaying the harsh realities of the world. Oh, and he'd also be able to bar for bar with your favorite rapper.

An hip hop artist such as this didn't exist, until 2005 when 'Tha Advakit' picked up a mic. Born and raised in Chicago and currently residing in the south suburbs, 'Tha Advakit' has had the opportunity to view the world from two completely different perspectives. Because of his upbringing, 'Tha Advakit' is able to connect with a wider audience than most rappers. Whether they be rich, middle class, poor, black, white, brown or yellow, man or woman. An ARTIST moreso than a rapper, 'Tha Advakit' seeks to paint a vivid picture lyrically with every song he completes.

He describes himself as a activist/teacher with the skills of an exceptional emcee who seeks to encourage his listeners to think outside the box, while still remaining versatile behind the mic. At the fork in the road, 'Tha Advakit' was the artist that took the path no one else dared to, and his music is a testament to what he has experienced (and still is) while traveling along that road. Untitled (no Nas) mixtape coming soon...