Juelz Santana Speaks On Album Delay

It's been about 4 years since Juelz Santana dropped a full-length studio album, and too many to count since his last solo mixtape. With the huge success of his sophomore album "What The Game's Been Missing" you would think a follow up album with Dipset would drop the following year right? That's what I thought but Dipset has seen to come and go and even more complications with Dipset/Cam'ron has seemed to "Detox" his album.

In a recent interview Juelz again explains why he has been gone for so long and speaks on his new brand "Skull Gang".

"I’m just gearing up and prepping everybody, the Takeover mixtape is in the streets, so be on the lookout for that Takeover DVD. We’re doing videos for all them joints. I’m about to put out my solo mixtape, which is The Reagan Era. Right after that, we’re dropping another Skull Gang mixtape called The Takeover Continues. It’s actually done already, but we’re just waiting to give ‘em my mixtape first. I got my Skull Gang artists involved with my mixtape a little bit more. A little while after that, I’m gonna drop my solo album, which is called Born to Lose Built to Win."

And about that joint album you may have heard of with Lil' Wayne.. Juelz STILL says it's STILL coming.

"I Can’t Feel My Face with me and Wayne is still happening, I’m about to call him back and chop it up with him in a minute. The good thing I tell everybody about me and him is that the music is already done. If you were to come to my studio right now, I could play you 35 records from me and Wayne."

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