Killer Of Philant Johnson Sentenced To 66 Years


According to several reports, Hosea Thomas, the man responsible for the death of Atlanta rapper T.I.'s friend Philant "Big Phil" Johnson, has been sentenced to 66 years in prison.

Thomas was found guilty of felonious assault and illegal possession of a firearm after a felony conviction late last month and received his sentencing today.

"Thomas gave Philant Johnson a death sentence, and his family—he gave them a death sentence as well," Judge Ralph Winkler explained during sentencing. "All of his crimes have been cowardly and senseless...You could say he's the poster boy for gun violence in Cincinnati."

In 2006, Thomas and his brother Padron Thomas opened fire on T.I. and his entourage on Highway I-75, after the two groups had attended a party at Club Ritz in Cincinnati, Ohio.

According to witnesses, the two brothers became angry when they were banned from the VIP section. A scuffle later ensued, and the brothers became even more angry when one of them was hit over the head with a bottle. They then followed T.I. and his entourage as they left the club.

Once on the highway, Hosea Thomas began to shoot at the two vans carrying T.I.'s entourage. Once shots ceased, Johnson had been shot in the head and three others were wounded.

As a witness for the trial, T.I. was able to explain to prosecutors what events led to the shooting. Ironically, Padron Thomas also served as a key witness for the prosecution.

Hosea Thomas will become eligible for release in 2074 at the age of 100.