My Top 5 Favorite Albums Of 2008

As the year 2008 is coming to a close I'd like to take the time and show my appreciation for the great music that has dropped, this is strictly the albums that I've enjoyed the most over the past year (that I can remember off the top of my head). So please don't eat me up because your favorite rapper is not on the list. Enjoy and check them out if you haven't.


Charles Hamilton - The Pink Lava Lamp
I finally gave into the hype and downloaded my first CH tape and was very surprised, this was my favorite CD of the year.
Best Songs: Sat(t)elite, Music, Writing In The Sky, Loser, & I'll Be Around.


Joe Budden - Mood Muzik 3: The Album
I had to throw this in there even though the mixtape came out in 2007, amazing CD beginning to end, if you haven't heard this CD go get it today.
Best Songs: All of Me, Un4Given, Secrets, Hiatus, & Family Reunion.


Reks - Grey hairs
Heavily slept on rapper and album, Reks has an aggressive flow and just blazes the mic.
Best Songs: My Life, Isiah, Good Night, All In One, How Can It Be, & Premonition.


Royce Da 5'9" - The Revival
This was my first Royce CD I heard and he quickly became one of my favorites, this CD was all unreleased songs that quietly leaked on the net.
Best Songs: A Part of Me, Taxi Driver, Hip Hop 911, I Gotta, & In The City.


The Roots - Rising Down
Great album by The Legendary Roots Crew, actually my first Roots CD. Production and features are on point.
Best Songs: Criminal, 75 Bars, Lost Desire, The Show & Get Busy

Honorable Mentions

Joe Budden - Halfway House
Nas - Untitled
Kanye West - 808's & heartbreak
Black Milk - Tronic

I'm sure I missed a lot of great CD's but whatever. Be sure to give these albums a chance, some new/real classic material from these artists