New Mixtapes: D. Omen, The Aristocrats, Studio 43

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1.Intro-Produced by Dro
2.Just Go - Produced by Damien Taylor and Shawn Lindell
3.Wafeek(ee) - Produced by Riley w/Keys by Ish and Vocals by Lady Ann
4.Die Backwards
5.Rags 2 Riches - Produced by Tech Supreme
6.Rep My Hood (Snippet) - Produced by Shawn Lindell and Skhye Hutch
7.The Hollows-Produced by Visto
8.Power of Rap - Originally "Give it to Me" Remix by Timberland
9.Instant Gratification - Produced by Jr. Flood
10.Romance is BACK - Produced by Azeem w/Vocals by Karma, Estadje, and Azeem
11.Earth Day - Produced by Stoney Rock
12.Blind by the Facts featuring A-Bex - Produced by Azeem w/Vocals by Azeem
13.Internet Celebrity
14.Three the Hard Way (Pause) - Produced by Vandalyzm
15.Cocaine Flow
16.I'mma Learn Ya - Vocals by Azeem
17.Say It's True - Vocals by Sophia Blak

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Kenny Burns & Studio43 presents the first installment of their new mash-up mixtape series CULTURE SHOCK. This time around you can check out the 'Queen of the Blends' in DJ Deja Vu.

CULTURE SHOCK ft. DJ Deja Vu drops TOMORROW 12.05.08