Bow Wow Talks T.I. + Claims Top 5 DOA

Thanks To HHDX

During Bow’s conversation with DX, talk turned to the self-proclaimed ‘King of the South,’ and Bow was asked if he believes previously enlisting T.I. and others to write his rhymes has damaged his credibility as an emcee with the core Hip Hop community.

“Nah, not at all,” he replied. “Even the best have had stuff written for them. [And] Tip only worked with me one time, and that was for the ‘Unleashed’ album. And I actually wrote, I would say, 85 percent of that album. Tip probably wrote maybe like one [full] song, [and] he might have did like a verse [for a few songs]… If it was a three-verse song, I might have did two verses [and] he might have wrote one… So it’s not like he [was] in there just writing the whole album… [But] it’s like, I [had] to learn eventually. And I [had] been writing for so long, it was that Jermaine just kept me sheltered and he didn’t want me to go in, because he felt that it wasn’t appropriate for my age.”

While expressing sincere gratitude to T.I. for his microphone mentoring, Bow warns those sleeping on his skills due to the fact that he once enlisted the aid of ghostwriters that he has now truly been “unleashed” and is capable of eventually earning his own way into the incessant “top five dead or alive” discussion.

“I can easily get top four,” he confidently declared. “Because I feel like there are some artists out here who can’t rap better than me. That’s just what I feel. And I know that’s the truth.”

I would agree that he has stepped his bars up judging from those YouTube vids but.. Top 4?


bf3ars said...

I give him top 20 at best, maybe top 15 but thats it...i dont think that the ghostwriters have dented his credibility...and i admit he has been steppin his bars up...ill be looking for New Jack City Part 2 to see if "Mr. 106 and Park" has truly earned his way into hip hop's elite!

K-TO said...

yep definitely, we'll have to see when his next album comes out