ItsHipHop Featured Artist: Vibez

Introducing my newest affiliated artist out of my home town Kitchener; Vibez, first Canadian artist, check it out.

Tyson ‘Vibez’ May is more than an 18 year old emcee living in Kitchener, Ontario. He is an 18 year old lyrically inclined individual with a strong command of the English language, and a rather impressive perception of the world.

Living the stereotypical “pops ran away, mom’s working overtime lifestyle” Vibez has committed to staying on track in his life, which is the motivation for most of his music. He plans to attend university next fall, and sees this as an “opportunity to better myself”.

His quest began when he was invited to a family gathering at the age of 14, where the speakers were bigger than he was. The music was so loud and so present, he found it more entertaining than the family members were. After nodding his head to the sounds for hours, he wanted anything to do with the feeling he was having. He tried to write a “song” when he got home, and did just that. Little did he know, that this practice would play a key role in the movie of his life for years to come.

Combining intellectual lyrics with the down-to-earth personality Vibez is attempting to create a genre of music that he believes most rappers do not fall into.

“When I write something, I don’t try too too hard. When you try too hard, that’s when you’re gonna start moving off track, and losing that balance between hip hop, and shit talk”

Inspired by artists such as Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Jay-z, and Canibus, Vibez ironically does not want to be compared to these artists. He claims that:

“If I make it out there, to the point that mass numbers of people are feelin’ my music, I don’t want to be compared to people that have already done it. I want to be compared to me, nothing more, nothing less”