Joe Budden Interview: Speaks On Deading Beef With Saigon, "The Phone Call"

The last time we did an interview you said you were done beefing with everyone and the same day you release your first diss to Saigon. What happened?

People change every day. People change every single day. Yeah, we did the interview and I really didn’t have any problems with anybody and I was just like,’ Fuck it, man. This guy Saigon wants to say my name in every World Star video, let me help him out. Let me give him some cause, some reason to.’ And I just went in. I shot a little jab. He shot one back. Then it was on.

After round one did you see this being a good battle?

Well, round one is the bait. That’s the bait. Round one always attacks a rapper’s ego and pride. At the end of the day everybody’s a rapper. If somebody substantial is calling you out, then as a man and as a rapper you should respond to it in some type of way and he did. He fell for the mousetrap.

No doubt. You talked about Saigon wanting to have an abortion and Saigon talked about your son being gay. Did you guys cross some lines there?

I don’t think so. I don’t. On my end, I would never speak about that man’s child. I don’t know his child and it’s just not tasteful so I don’t do it. But on the flipside of that I can understand how he would do it or how it would be done.

There’s not much that you could say about Joe Budden and that’s pretty evident by his two tracks. They basically said the same exact thing. There’s not too much that you could say about me and on top of that I have the thickest skin in the world so nothing that any rapper says on a record or period, for that matter, will get me upset or take me out of my zone or get my skin boiling and shit. He felt that talking about my son was within the rules of engagement so I don’t mind it.

One minute we hear there’s a phone call and the next minute Saigon says it didn’t happen. Did a phone call happen?

The phone call happened. The phone call happened. In my story the phone call happened. I’m not responsible for what he goes around saying but it’s common sense. If me and dude are engaged in a fucking lyrical battle here and all of a sudden I just stop out of the clear blue sky, there’s really no other reason for it besides there was a phone call that took place.

What did you guys talk about?

That part I’m not going to share. But we had a pretty in-depth conversation. And it was a good one. It was a good conversation. It didn’t start out well but we had a good conversation. He begged me to stop. He begged me to leave him alone.

Does that mean that you two are done going back and forth?

No, no, no, no. If you see anymore records it will be on his end. That won’t start again unless he starts it again. But no, you shouldn’t expect anymore records from me.

You both have backgrounds in fighting. Why not set up an organized fight?

I’m down with that. I’m always down with that. We could do it where the funds go to charity or something of that sort. I think that the setting it up part is always the hardest part. I don’t think that either party is against the idea but you need somebody to mediate and actually set it up, like a promoter would do a show. That’s probably the hardest part about it.

What kind of a fight could fans expect?

He looks like more of a brawler to me. He looks like a brawler. I’m more of a boxer. And I’m a reaction fighter. It’d be interesting. It’d be fun to watch.

Will Slaughterhouse be adding new members to the group?

Not at the moment. Not at the moment. I don’t think that that will happen anytime soon. Uh uh.

The Padded Room is coming out in February. What’s next for you?

I just want to make people aware of it that it’s coming out. I’m not going to go out and try to con everybody into buying it. But I’m going to hit the road. I’m going to get on the road and hit a couple of different markets and make my presence felt in these different markets and let the people know that I have an album coming out in February. I’m more excited for the people to hear the album and some of the songs that are on it. It’s really a great body of work with a lot of replay value.

I would have enjoyed a couple more rounds...
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