Update: Katt Williams Get Slapped On Stage FALSE

Via YoRaps

Comedian Katt Williams had a show in a Detroit night club on Saturday night (January 6).

During the stand-up comedy show, Katt starts going in on a man who was wearing a cowboy hat and matching boots. But Mr. Cowboy was not happy with the jokes Katt Williams made and walked up to him on stage and slapped the
comedian across the face.

After the show Williams sat in a corner of the club smoking a cigarette and was asked if he feels alright. "Hell naw... I ain't alright! Didn't you just see that n*gga slap me!?" the comedian replied.

HA I hope there's video of this

Earlier Katt Williams went on radio to clear things up, Listen To The Audio Here

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Audio file of Katt talking about it - you know where. )

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