PHZ-Sicks - Nothing To Worry About

"I love Hip Hop. I don't know if its the great music coming from the DMV (Shouts to Mouse, Judah, RA, Wordsmith, Lyriciss, and so on) or I'm just locked in. Something special is on the horizon and I'm glad to be part of it. "Nothing To Worry About" is originally by Swedish alt-rock group, Peter, Bjorn, & John. The song is amazing on its own but I had to add the "Yerrdig" factor to it. More music on the way (Less Than Zero) and can't wait to tear down Haydees on the 21st of February. All I can say with this is, DMV Stand Up! Emphasis on the V"


PHZ-Sicks said...

divshare took it down so here is the zshare version of it: