Reks Talks "More Grey Hairs" Album

In an Interview with HipHopDX Boston emcee Reks spoke about the sequel to his CLASSIC album "Grey Hairs".

“This a collection of material that we felt should have made ‘Grey Hairs,’ but we just could not extend ‘Grey Hairs’ any further, We had a bunch of records that we had already prepared that we felt like were good enough but were just not fitting into the whole collective as much as the other records were. And so these records were put aside so we could release ‘em shortly after ‘Grey Hairs’ dropped…“System” is a new record. We did a few new records for ‘More Grey Hairs’.”

He also announced a new project will be out sometime in the summer

“There will be no titles and topics that deal with the aging process any longer, I think I found my fountain of youth.”

First single off the album is called "System" Produced by DJ G.I. Joe (Listen Below)