Saigon Say's Beef Is Not Over

Saigon is total fool, I can't express my disappointment with how Saigon handled this beef... In the interview (took place yesterday) he talks about possibly signing to an Indie, trash talks Joe Budden, etc. etc..

Here's something funny I saw on JBTV. The whole beef on Saigon's part:

- Saigon says he's going to "slap Earth, Wind, and Fire" out of Joe when he sees him
- 3 months later on HHDX Saigon says he's not worried about Joe Budden, he's not on his radar
- Over a year later on two different WSHH videos, Saigon says he'll break Joe Budden's jaw when he sees him and he will see him
- In a radio interview, Saigon says he's not about making battle raps and refuses to get into the back and forth bullshit
- After hearing "Letter to Saigon", Saigon makes a Joe Budden diss track titled "Underachiever" in which he states it is his first and last effort at a diss track. Coincidentally, he makes a blog about the track, which he edits three times, stating that he's not making anymore music, that he's not a battle rapper, and that Joe Budden will now get beat up. Period.
- The next morning, Saigon deletes said blog and posts a new one, saying he has a 2nd diss track with Gloria Velez on it coming out.
- After Joe Budden responds with a song called "Pain In His Life", Saigon says he was going to respond. He does, with a track titled "Pushing Buttons"
- Saigon blogs after that track and says he's done dissing Joe and that it's on when he sees him.
- Just Blaze and Joe Budden both claim they spoke in a three-way chat with Saigon and deaded it. Saigon denies the phone call ever happened and says that it's Just Blaze's fantasy and is not the truth.
- In an interview with HHG, Saigon claims that he couldn't eat after hearing Joe Budden's diss and that he has no idea where Joe got his sources. Further, he claims Joe to be the better rapper and concedes that he is not as good of a battler.
- Joe Budden does multiple interviews including HHG, Shade 45, and kay Slay, explaining the situation and confirms that a phone call did take place. Budden claims that Round 3 would have forced Saigon to do something other than rap because of some of the personal stuff he had planned to rap about.
- Saigon does a WSHH video with True Stories Radio and says he agrees with Joe, the beef is over and that if he saw Joe he'd probably dap him up.
- Saigon just got off the radio with Kay Slay and trashed Budden, saying he couldn't rap for shit, his girl was a hoe, and he lost the battle.