Saigon - Under-Achiever (Joe Budden Diss)

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Hahaha.... I know many of you have been watching whats been going on btwn me and this mouse named Joseph Anthony Budden AKA Joe Budden... Im really starting to think this guy thinks Im scared to battle him.. Before I continue I must say this, even knowing battling is a very important part of hip hop, Ive always tried to stay away from doing it. I never liked the idea of 2 men writing down jokes or insults about each other when they could easily just put on some boxing gloves and put their manhoods on the line... I know people always say that sounds violent but thats how REAL men settled their differences when I was bought up...I noticed the ONLY way this guy will ever excel at rapping if its him writing jokes about someone or doing a bunch of fucking name dropping which is what actually started all of this... For a guy who has had a chance to put out his album and STILL make NO mark whatsoever in the game is pitiful... I really dont even know why Im entertaning a guy who has dropped albums, came in with Desert Storm when they were very VERY hot and in 2009 he's still stuck in the same fucking spot he was in when he came... I know... It doesnt make sense.. This is the first and last diss record Ive ever done in my life so dont expect this to keep going back and forth.. Unlike the mouse, I have a mission with my music and its not just running around trying to start battles but to continue my role as an activist in my community and to teach and uplift the generation coming up under me........ After doing this rap battle shit, I see why this is the only thing he's good for.. The shit is too easy... To sit down and think of ways to make fucking jokes abt someone and make people laugh doesnt take much thought at all..... Hahaha.. Im done after this... Back to my mission... For my fans who told me to take the high road and ignore this clown.... Im sorry...... For the Joe Budden fans who are tired of fucking with a fake ass poor excuse for a rapper, come roll with the Yardfather... Lets make history together and change the world... Fucking with Budden will get you no where... Trust me. He calls himself mouse for crying out loud... What kinda man calls himself a mouse... Im here to seperate the men from the mice so who you rolling with??? INTERNET SOLDIERRRRRSSSSSS, LEAVE THIS BUM ASS NIGGA ALONE... Come fuck with the Yardfather... I went into his realm and battled him, now lets see if he'll step in MY realm and jump in the ring and give me 3 rounds..(Ill even let him wear headgear and I wont). Real Talk...Without further or do I give U my reply to his letter to me.. Check out my page to here the song.....Enjoy.. Im finished with this mouse after this... He can make all the songs he wants....Fuck em..... Im going to catch this Biggie move...ONE NEW Saigon Feat. Prodigy "Under-Achiever" (dissing Joe Budden)
Saigon - Under-Achiever (Joe Budden Diss)

In my honest non-biased opinion Joe Budden 1, Saigon 0

Joe Budden when asked how soon will he respond..

"he lucked out, i'm outta town at a wedding..... but i'm driving home 2nite so..... maybe he isn't so lucky"