Wale Talks New Mixtape + Debut Album

In an interview with HHDX Wale shared some more info on his upcoming joint mixtape with 9th Wonder (Which should be out before the Spring) and his upcoming debut album.

Though the mixtape is with producer 9th Wonder, Wale said it will also feature local underground producers. “There might be a couple records that ain’t 9th, maybe Black Milk, and a couple local producers as well. And I got a couple local emcees on there too, like Southeast Slim’s gonna be on it. X.O.’s gonna be on it, and Tre from UCB’s gonna be on it as well.”

Watch out for the new mixtape "Back To The Feature" to be out near Spring. Features include Bun B, Curren$y, Drake, & Skyzoo. Followed by his debut album soon after..

Wale is also working on his album (not yet titled) and revealed the lead single.. “We pressing up the single right now, It’s gonna be ‘Chillin,’ the real version.”

The song Chillin' was leaked to the net a while ago, and I posted it but the problem is it was the demo version so it was taken down from most sites.

He also spoke on the album features..

“We got a lot of Cool & Dre on the album, I don’t really have any rappers except for Bun. And there’s one more person that might be on that record with me and Bun… Marsha Ambrosius is on. She’s amazing. TV On The Radio, who [haven’t] done anything with an emcee yet are on the album. We trying to push the envelope on creativity in music.”