Lupe Clears Japanese Cartoon Rumors, Reveals Title Of First Single Off LupEND

You may have heard rumors around the net where Lupe Fiasco has ditched hip hop to become the lead singer in a relatively unknown band called "Japanese Cartoon".

On the OkayPlayer Forum Lupe shed some light on the rumor..

"I like those kids a lot, met the bass player overseas last year and their publicist/manager is a good friend from like childhood. May sign them. Not me singing though."

If you go to the Japanese Cartoon Myspace there's a song called "Heirplanes". You can really hear the similarities in the voice, they sound VERY alike.

Japanese Cartoon Myspace


In other Lupe News he quietly revealed the title of the lead single off the first of 3 disc album lupE.N.D. On his Twitter page (which no longer exists) He wrote..

"so on that note here's something to part on...1st single off Everywhere is called SHINING DOWN...live dvd at the end of march...T&T Peace!!"

Interesting.. Loving 2009 so far