Charles Hamilton Reveals Next Mixtape's Theme

Via His Blog.

Anyway, I've been getting calls, emails, text, IMs, from everyone from fans to label heads to artists (himt) about this "808s" project. Well, let me start by saying that I enjoyed this album a lot, and that a lot of songs hit close to home. And I respect Ye being strong enough to allow his real emotions be heard on such a grand scale. With that said, my turn.

"Every Charles Hamilton Ex-Girlfriend's Worse Nightmare"
March 17th, 2009

Ready for the tracklisting?

1-) Esperanza, Keishana and Keana
2-) Shayna, Tiffany and Summer
3-) Toya
4-) Shantel
5-) Brittany
6-) Jenniea, Jamarris and Tricia
7-) Simone
8-) ?
It's just like that. And why is it every Charles Hamilton ex-girfriend's worst nightmare? Because if you're not in this tracklisting, we weren't together. And to the afformentioned ladies, I'm not saying ANYTHING disrespectful. I'm just keepin it 100... ya dig?!

Holla atcha Hedgehog!!! lmpinkao