Cormega Speaks On New Album & Mixtape

In a recent interview with HipHop DX Cormega spoke about his newest album and a mixtape both coming soon. The album titled, "Born & Raised" will be out on a label but as Cormega confirms "Will definitely not be Koch".

While it's not set in stone the album may have Features from DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Easy Mo Bee, Havoc, Buckwild, DR Period, Fame of M.O.P., Ayatollah & a possible reunion with AZ.

“It’s basically I was born and raised in New York, It’s a New York-based album, and I’m a New York-based artist. And it’s like, we’re down right now… I wanted a title that represented me and that represents where I’m from, because I feel like we’re not getting the respect that we’re due. Like, no artist should ever be able to just straight up violate New York ‘cause we’ve done so much for Hip Hop.”

Along with the album Cormega will also be releasing a full free downloadable mixtape. (Still untitled).

“Basically the theme of the mixtape is how we fed up with radio, and how sometimes you turn on the radio and you hear a bunch of bullshit but at the same time even the song’s that’s bullshit you hear ‘em so much you start liking ‘em. So what I’m doing is I’m rappin’ over whatever was hot within the last year… I’m rappin’ over ‘Hi Hater’. I’m rappin’ over ‘A Milli’. It’s like me teasing muthafuckas like, I can rap over anything, don’t get it twisted. I just stick to doing music the way I do it because that’s the way I do it.”

Look out for Cormega to hit SOB's on March 19 where he'll be performing his album. Go To HHDX to read about his thoughts on auto-tune, reunion ith AZ, The Firm & More.