The End Is Here... Updated

Hello readers, this is the author of this site K-TO and I've come with some bad news.. As of Today the site will no longer be updated. Yes ItsHipHop.Blogspot.Com will be no more. I have to move on in life, But I aint mad.

This isn't a spur of the moment thing either, I've made the decision and I will stand by it. I simply don't have the time. I got teenager-life, school, a job, and so on, I don't wanna sound like a little girl but I put in easily 2-3 hours of work a day into this site and it seems nothing has been paying off, hits have been slipping, and it feels like I'm talking to a brick wall all the time..

It is a sad moment for me since I've tried hard for this site, updating every single day since I started back on August 05, but everything must come to an end. That doesn't mean you will never see me blogging again it's just the responsibilities with running a site by yourself feel like a constant burden.

Sorry for the short notice guys. I will leave this message up for a week or so then shut it down completely.

And with that I note:

R.I.P. ItsHipHop.Blogspot.Com
you've been great to me

I will still be on Twitter, my names Sketch on JoeBuddenTV, and if you wanna talk I'm on Tommy_V23@Hotmail.Com. And my site email will also be shut down.

But hey, I've walked out of this with some great experience, met some great new people, and accomplished a lot of things regular blogs wouldn't. But I'll be around.

Thanks to all who support me, my affiliates, artists, and readers alike. Take it easy yall.


enough said.. See you there.


bf3ars said...

i understand...but good luck to you and to whatever else u may pursue in life!!!

K-TO said...

Thanks a lot bf3ars, you were probably my first subscriber, and I appreciate it.

Common Sense said...

damn man sorry to see you go. You're one out of the two blogs i check on the daily for information. good luck with everything.

K-TO said...

Thanks common sense (lol) I'll be on HipHopUpdate from now on