Kanye West Speaks On S.L.U. Grammy Performance


If you had to pick a time to give everyone what they've been waiting months for, why not do it on music's biggest night? It's finally going down: On Sunday night, all the guys — T.I., Kanye West, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne — will be as one for "Swagga Like Us" for the first time.

"I'm gonna wear a pink tuxedo!" Kanye West jokingly told Sway Friday afternoon in Los Angeles.

"No, I'm wearing a black tux," he immediately clarified.

West hinted that his song-mates would be wearing similar outfits on the Grammy stage.

"Yeah, everybody is gonna be fresh," Kanye promised. "Everybody is gonna be fresh to def. I mean, first of all, other than the fact that you got four — in my opinion — four of the freshest rappers making records right now. Aside from Jeezy, you got four of the freshest people consistently. When you see them, they look nice ... they're super fresh. So, it makes complete sense for us to get up there, do the 'Swagga' record at the Grammys and represent hip-hop. Represent black people, especially, in a really good light.

"And I definitely need to do something to come back from that Paris picture!" he added, referring to a photo that appeared on the Internet several days ago of him and his entourage in rather eccentric clothing during Paris fashion week.

"Like, all the crazy stuff that I do — when I get around Jay, it ain't gonna be like that," the Grammy winner explained. "It's almost like, I don't want to put the term of, like, a 'father figure' or stuff like that, 'cause my father has helped to raise me to be respectful. But in a hip-hop sense, he controls a lot of things. He shuts down a lot of bullsh--, just on a bigger scale. He makes phone calls, and he makes it happen like it should happen. So he is a presidential-type character, really, in hip-hop."

Even the rap president, however, couldn't manage to connect with the Louis Vuitton Don, the King of the South and hip-hop's Martian MC to make the video for "Swagga Like Us" that the song warranted.

"For some reason we could never get the video together," Kanye said. "We had ideas for the video and everything, but it [wasn't] in God's plan."

Grammy's is on tomorrow (Feb. 08)