Nore Arrested + Personal Response


Queens, NY rapper N.O.R.E. was arrested on Sunday (Feb. 22) and charged with misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct following an incident in a Miami, Fl. Fatburger.

According to the Associated Press, Noreaga was taken to the Miami-Dade county jail after police say he got into an altercation with an unidentified man. During the exchange, Nore reportedly ripped up flowers in the restaurant and threw a beverage on the victim before punching him in the face while screaming, “ Do you know who I am?”

He was released yesterday shortly after being charged.

Update: Only hours after news spread that he was arrested, Nore took to his twitter account to clarify a few things, stating: “Seriously though, I am not a man for negative behavior, at lease not now n my career and in my life. I will not comment on the incident cause I can’t wait for someone like Angela Yee or DJ Vlad to ask me a questions. lol. But, there were no flowers involved. Repeat- no flowers involved. But fat burger has veggie burgers with wheat bread and also has fries. They have none meat products. God damn!”

The rapper, who makes up one half of rap group C-N-N, recently returned home from a European tour with partner in rhyme Capone. Their new album, Channel 10 - the duo’s first album together in nine years - is set to hit stores on March 17.