Song Run Down Of "Well Isn't This Awkward"

As you know Charles Hamilton made a mixtape/movie sorta thing for valentines day, well not to long ago he made a run down of each song, check it out and Download The Mixtape "Well Isn't This Awkward" Here

01. Cinematic Hallucinations (Intro)
Cinematic Hallucinations is the name of the show of which "Well Isn't This Awkward" is premiered. "Well Isn't This Awkward" is a rare film that Charles Hamilton starred in, and Connor Harrington had express permission from Charles Hamilton to release the movie.
02. Scorpion
Charles Hamilton is a scorpio. Using his astrological sign and all the senses he's been blessed with, he musters up the "swag" to appeal to her... if that's what she's into... guys with swag. He's really just a meek musician...
03. Neverland
Charles puts the "swag" away and ventures with the young lady into the world of which he lives in. Where nothing could ever bother you when you're in love...
04. RomanticVents
Not knowing whether or not he'd get a chance to talk to the girl of his dreams face to face, and also concerned with sounding like a "n1gga with baggage", he airs out all his grievances about love... at the beckoning will of the instrumental (had to tap myself on the back for the beat... instrumental version coming soon I swear)
05. Re-Anna
After trying and failing at finding a definition for the kind of bond they have, Charles creates a scenario in which he is a mad scientist that made the girl of his dreams, and is stuck with her once she breaks the mold...
06. Match.com (Commercial Break)
07. You Too
Charles reluctantly but willfully opens up about his much-speculated drug history... 'nuff said... done to show the young lady how serious he is about how he feels about her...
08. Tengo Una Pregunta
All the questions that come with being a struggling musician in the toughest city in the world, asked... awaiting an answer...
09. Psycho Bitch
If Charles and the young lady have a bond that defies any rational definition, there has to be a semi-psychotic side to both of them. This is a sharing of mutual insanity, in hopes of lightening the already heavy-romantic mood... kinda...
10. The Penthouse Elevator
The moment in which Charles Hamilton finally gets to verbally tell the woman of his dreams (if I said "girl" earlier, I was simply going along with the cliche; she's ALL woman) EXACTLY how he feels. At the penthouse elevator...
11. In Case It Doesn’t Work Out
Pretty self-explanitory, but is followed by Charles Hamilton's piano solo, which is the premise for this ENTIRE movie. Remember, he was invited to play his music. Each song was merely a screenshot into the mind of Hamilton. The reality was the piano.
12. In Case I Actually Get Her
The piano working in my favor... lol...