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Hello everyone, please show some love to a new addition to the ItsHipHop Family, My Fly Shirt (Inked). These guys reached out to me and offered me something I couldn't resist.. Free stuff. They are now official ItsHipHop.BlogSpot.Com sponsors and I will probably be making posts on the clothing line every now and then.

I just received some shirts in the mail and I gotta say the quality in the printing and t-shirt itself Is very good (nice collar, seams etc..) And from what I understand they also print banners, do company shirts, team shirts and can put any picture you want on a t-shit. They can also make your pics into large canvases, great for club promotions, events and so on..

They have over 100 Custom Designs to pick from all ranging from music to art to whatever. All of which are great quality.

Contact Info

Call them at 1-800-726-5036
Fax Number - 305-422-2258

Thanks to my readers and please understand that I do not get payed and hardly thanked for this free service called blogging I do for you.