Juelz Santana " I Am The Diplomat Movement"

In a recent interview with AllHiphop, Juelz made it clear that he was tired of being take advantage of, and clearly was with Jim Jones holding down Dipset.

AllHipHop.com: Speaking of family, you began your career as part of one of the most powerful movements in Hip-Hop, the Diplomats...

Juelz: I am the Diplomats movement. I ain't parts of it, I am it.

AllHipHop.com: Well, to be fair, that's the way it seems since you and Jim are the only ones still repping for the Dips.

Juelz to AllHipHop.com: That’s what I want all the fans to know, that’s what we’re doing. Bottom line is, there’s a thin line between loyalty and stupidity. N****s tried to make the situation work the best way possible. It just got to a point where I couldn’t. Like I told people, I got to a point where I got tired of being taken advantage of. I felt like I wasn’t getting my just due for the work I was putting in.

Juelz to AllHipHop.com: It wasn’t like I was asking for back credit or back money which was there but that’s nothing to me. The whole point was about moving on and it just didn’t happen and not because of me. I been blessed to see all the things I’ve seen so early. I’m still young. But I want the fans to know what we’re doing. Like, what if we would’ve just sat back and waited for Cam to sit there and decided to do what he wanted to do? Nobody really even heard from Cam in a minute so where would we be? Then how would our Dipset fans be looking at us like, “Where y'all at?”


I personally think Dipset is over, they will never get back to those good old glory days, all performing on stage, killin' the rap scene and so on. They have all split up to showcase their own brand/team. While Jim Jones and Juelz stay current Cam'ron still pretty much MIA along with JR Writer, 40 Cal, and Hell Rell who recently left I believe along with S.A.S.