Jim Jones Talks Trash, Says He Can Punch Kanye In The Chest

Former Dipset member Jim Jones can't seem to stay out of the news with irrelevant interviews, and "Swag" talk. In recent interviews Jim Jones couldn't help but throwing some more shots at Kanye West & the Rocafella team

When asked about going at Kanye Jimmy replied:
"Kanye?! I like making jokes about him, but Kanye is somebody you can just punch his chest old-school style, cave his chest in and shit like that. Like don’t ever, ever, ever talk about me again in your life! It’s just a joke to me. I’m just having fun. I heard him ranting and raving about my name and shit. How would I look having an issue with Kanye? I’d love to work with him. I need a beat from him. I think that’s why I’m most mad. Matter fact, I’ma fuck you up if you don’t give me a beat!"

Jimmy also threw in his 2 cents about the "Kanye hates Jay-Z conpiracy"
"I don’t know if he’s actually with Jay-Z from the looks of things. From what I’ve been seeing from since we were signed until now, I think Kanye actually hates Jay-Z. No, he actually does. He hated Jay-Z ever since he wouldn’t give him a fucking Rocawear chain in Chicago! I’m telling you. Jay-Z never sells as much as Kanye. Jay-Z wishes he could sell as many records as Kanye. So he’s only beating him with terrible swag. Like over there, their swag is terrible. They having a terrible swag contest. It’s really bad over there."

He also spoke on going up against the big names in hip hop
"Oh, shit, welcome. You’re all welcome to drop. I win off top. Whether or not, it doesn’t matter. I come from a different place. I came from nothing. First album was 300,000, second album 400,000, this album gold. Shit, anything over that, I win. Ballgame. I’ll look like a genius. I might crack platinum, and then I’ll get to laugh at people."