Rapper Trick Trick Lashes Out On Gay Community

Detroit rapper Trick Trick has never shied away from confronting fellow MCs on wax or in the streets to handle unresolved issues.

However, the controversial rapper now has his sights aimed at an unlikely target; the entire gay community.

In an exclusive statement , Trick Trick expressed his disgust of the homosexual lifestyle, and explained that he doesn’t want any gay individuals to purchase his newly released sophomore album, The Villian.

“I’ma go on the record right now with this. Homosexuals are probably not gonna like this album. I don’t want your faggot money any goddamn way. I don’t like it [homosexuality]. Carry that shit somewhere else.”

It was not until Eminem’s 2001 Grammy performance with openly gay music legend Elton John that the attacks subsided.

Not afraid of an impending firestorm that could threaten his album’s success, Trick Trick explained that his anger comes from what he feels is mainstream society’s growing promotion of homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle.

“It’s just that every time that you turn on the TV, that sissy shit is on, and they act like its fucking okay. The world is changing for the worst when shit like that happens. And I address that issue. I address it hard as hell.”

On the self-titled album track, Trick hurls vitriolic bars against gay activists Ellen DeGeneres and Rosie O’Donnell, referring to them as “dyke bitches” and promising to send a “scud missile right through their fucking cruise ship.”

Regarding same-sex adoption, Trick Trick adamantly spits that “He goes both ways/Either way he’s gay/Ain’t no other way to say/He’s a fucking faggot so I’m lettin’ off my AK/Bust ‘em in his forehead/He ain’t worth lettin’ live/A man and man shouldn’t raise another man’s kids!”

Trick Trick’s The Villian is in stores now and features appearances from Eminem, Ice Cube, Kid Rock, Proof, Esham, Guilty Simpson, and Royce Da 5’9.

What kind of sad excuse for a publicity stunt is this? If this loser was actually big enough and this issue caught on it could have enraged communities all over the world, it's funny how he says this after the release of his album. So basically he wants gay backlash to bring exposure to himself and his album, he needs the gay community to help him sell.

There's no need for this kinda crap in hip hop, it only adds the stereotypes and what not that rap has nowadays.