SixShot Interview With Chamillionaire

Sixshot.Com: What you said about fans not returning the favor sometimes, does it get frustrating when one of your mixtapes will be buzzing hard everywhere and then the album sales don’t match the hype?

Chamillionaire: I think that the mixtapes are just so good. It’s crazy when I put out a mixtape. The lines are out the door and I feel like sometimes the fans get spoiled. They get real spoiled. When I first started rapping it was more freestyling and like I said the fans are getting spoiled with this mixtapes and they just expect so much from them. They want a lot. When you used to look at an artists website it used to be a little page but now you scroll down and you the blog, all this information, videos, it’s crazy. They just want more, more, more, and more and it’s hard to keep giving them more man. There’s no major labels paying for this and I have to pay for the engineers, the studio, it’s a lot man. Everything that you hear I paid for out of my pocket.

Sixshot.Com: Speaking of what the fans want, how did you feel about the response to your second album?

Chamillionaire: I really don’t know man. The line in hip-hop that everybody is always talking about is keeping it real but I don’t want nobody anywhere saying that anymore. Once you try and keep it real with who you really are it feels like the fans get mad, you know what I’m sayin’? (Laughs) So what am I supposed to do? Pretend to be somebody that I’m not? If I did that then they would probably be happy. Everybody’s always making gangster records or whatever and I don’t believe it all man.

50 Cent told me one time and this was a real thing to say, he said that your real life starts when your rap career ends. He said that to me and it really stuck with me. It made a lot of sense because I could have a hard time separating this business from my real life. If I’m in a bad mood and somebody comes up to me I can’t show them that. I have to pretend to be in a good mood. I always have to be happy for my fans. It’s all about entertainment and that’s the one thing I been trying to fix.

Sixshot.Com: So would you say that the fame and the fortune aren’t all they’re cracked up to be?

Chamillionaire: Yeah definitely man and that’s why my new album is called Venom. I don’t wanna over explain that right now but I’ll say that it slowly changes who you are as a person over time. It slowly deteriorates you because you got the money and you can’t even enjoy it man. They put me in Forbes and the day after that I was getting e-mails from people I haven’t heard from in five years, people who felt I owed them something and I barely knew them.

If I’m going through this imagine what Puffy and Jay are going through and all the lawsuits they must get. Imagine what Eminem and Dr.Dre are going through. I’m pretty low key and I try to mind my business. People wanna charge me a thousand for something that costs fifty because they saw me in Forbes. On the bright side you get to do things a lot of people can’t do and get to go to a lot of nice places. People don’t see how after the music video camera cuts they take the car and the jewelry away.

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