ItsHipHop Presents: Exclusive Interview With Beyond Belief

Just recently ItsHipHop got a chance to chop it up with featured artist Beyond Belief. In this interview we touch on his new album, mixtape, Make Noise!!! & more. ENJOY

ItsHipHop.Blogspot.Com: So for everyone out there who doesn't know, who are you, and where you from?

Beyond Belief: My name is Beyond Belief, but most people call me Bobby J...I'm a new artist on producer Kwame's (Lloyd Banks "On Fire", Will Smith "Switch" Day 26 "Come With Me" , Keyshia Cole "No other") Indy Label "Make Noise!!!". I'm originally from Rockaway, Queens but am currently down in Miami for school. The first single off my forthcoming debut album entitled What About Bob? is "Don't Touch" which can be purchased now on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, and Amazon.com! People can also check the video for it on Youtube and Myspace.com/beyondbeliefmusic!

ItsHipHop.Blogspot.Com: We'll get to your album later on but, Beyond Belief Is kind of an interesting name, where did it come from?

Beyond Belief: Beyond belief actually comes from the acronym bob, which stands for beyond ordinary belief... But since there already is a B.o.B. I just used the beyond belief part. It's basically a metaphor for being beyond the everyday belief that a rapper is supposed to fit a particular mold or only rap about certain things. Most people still call me bobby though.

ItsHipHop.Blogspot.Com: That's pretty cool, moving on, your co-signed by a little producer known as Kwame, who has produced tracks for artists like Joe Budden, Lloyd Banks, LL Cool J & much more. How did you meet him and how did you feel when he made you his premier artist?

Beyond Belief: I met him when I was 14 through my friend Profit when I went to high school with who had already been working with him at the time. Being able to be mentored by somebody like Kwame, who’s been doing it for 20 years, is crazy. He has a unlimited knowledge of music and really showed me the steps to making the transformation from a rapper to an artist.

ItsHipHop.Blogspot.Com: Tell us about your music group "Make Noise", and how It came about.

Beyond Belief: Make Noise is Kwame's new Indie label. It basically started because me and Kwame wanted to put out our music on our own to have a direct relationship with the fans and not have our moves dictated by a label. We knew the only way for our vision to be executed right as far as music/videos were concerned, we had to do it on our own. As far as acts go its me and Jade Ewen, who is a incredible artist from the UK.

ItsHipHop.Blogspot.Com: I feel the rap game is over-saturated with the same image & persona, that it gets boring. What do you bring to the table and how do you stand out from the rest?

Beyond Belief: I feel like I'm not only bringing lyricism back to the forefront, but also an element of fun that’s been missing from hip-hop recently. I just try not to take everything so seriously and have a good time. In addition to that, I want to make quality records that can have both commercial and critical appeal; basically a crossover album that doesn't have the bullsh*t radio records fans are force-fed.

ItsHipHop.Blogspot.Com: I understand you have a mixtape and an album coming out next year, any exclusive news on them?

Beyond Belief: As far as the album and mixtape go, they are both finished. The mixtape will be out by the end of the month and will be available for download on Myspace.Com/BeyondBeliefMusic. The album is also finished and it is entirely produced by Kwame. The video for the first single "Don't Touch" is out now and the singles available for purchase on iTunes. We will be shooting a video for the second single "Work" soon and the album will be out on iTunes in late January.

ItsHipHop.Blogspot.Com: What can we expect from both of the projects?

Beyond Belief: The mixtapes will be all freestyles and a couple songs that won't make the album...The album will feature all new songs ranging from personal records to party records to straight up hip-hop lyrical records. So I really have something on there to satisfy everybody.

ItsHipHop.Blogspot.Com: So with a mixtape and album under your belt what do you plan to do in the year 2009?

Beyond Belief: You will see the dropping of my debut album entitled "What about Bob?", the video for my second single "Work", the launching of my new website BeyondBeliefOnline.Com. Also, as I stay recording fans can expect ample new material and possibly a second album by the end of the year. Also, be on the lookout for Kwame on the production tip, as he's currently got work on Keyshia Cole's new LP and Diddy's album.

ItsHipHop.Blogspot.Com: When you wake up every morning, what inspires you to write?

Beyond Belief: A hot beat!! Other than that listening to rappers like Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, & Andre 3000 who take lyrics to the next level and trying to outdo them.

ItsHipHop.Blogspot.Com: Other than your own team what else do you listen too?

Beyond Belief: I listen to everything. I love The Talking Heads, James Brown, the Rolling Stones, Prince etc... In terms of hip hop it's the lyrical guys like Jay-Z, Eminem, Big Pun, Nas, Cee Lo, T.I. Ludacris, Andre 3000, Lupe Fiasco, and basically anybody who strives to be the best.

ItsHipHop.Blogspot.Com: Do you follow politics? How did you feel when Barack Obama won the election?

Beyond Belief: I don't follow politics but I think everyone can agree that Barack Obama winning was a historical moment.

ItsHipHop.Blogspot.Com: As we bring this interview to a close is there anything you want to say to all your fans out there?

Beyond Belief: Yes, cop the album when it drops in January!! And the single on iTunes... For all the fans out there add me or message me on MySpace. I try and stay in touch with all my fans and truly appreciate the support. Thank you!

There you have it folks, the next big thing out of Far Rock, Beyond Belief, be sure to check his music out on MySpace.Com/BeyondBeliefMusic & catch him on his FaceBook Fan Page. Also check out the Beyond Belief Feature Here.