Search Warrant Issued For DMX, $5000 Reward

It seems 37 year old rapper DMX just cannot stay out of the news, just yesterday It was announced that the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office (Police Station In Phoenix) has offered a $5000 reward for any information about DMX that will lead to his capture.

"This guy is a major annoyance to the criminal justice system," Arpaio said. "But we will track him down, and he will face a different kind of music in a court of law." Stated police officer Arpaio, after DMX pulled a no-show at court.

DMX who is facing charges of Identity Theft, Drug Possession, and Animal Cruelty (all of which resulted in an arrest) has missed a court appearance for the second time last Friday. While his attorney Charles Kolzelka explains DMX is in an "undisclosed rehab facility" the search continues on.

Dude really needs to get his shit together.