New Mac Book Wheel + Apple Removes Anti-Piracy Protection

LOL "it's virtually indestructible unless it's dropped or hit"



During Tuesday’s (1/6) Macworld Expo, Apple Inc. announced that they have come to an agreement with all of the majors – Warner Music Group, Sony BMG, Universal Music and EMI – as well as the independent labels to provide DRM-free music through its iTunes service.

Billboard reports that iTunes has begun to offer 8 million of its songs DRM-free and by March hopes to release 2 million more – which consists of its entire 10 million song catalog. The DRM technology, which stands for digital rights management, was a troublesome anti-piracy protection technology the labels were using that caused computer problems for many consumers.

In addition the computer corporation also shared their arrangement for a new pricing system. In April older tracks will only go for 69 cents, as opposed to the prior 99 cents price tag. Newer songs will continue to cost 99 cents while Billboard hits will be on sale for $1.29.