Saigon Confirms Warning Shots 2 Mixtape

From Saigon's MySpace Blog

"Happy New Years Ya'll.. Its ya boy Saigon the Yardfather. Im back better and stronger than ever. I greatly apologize for the lack of information Ive been giving all the people who's been keeping up with me... I promise to ya'll this will be my hardest working year ever.. I will be more active as far as the music I put out, interviews, acting, televison shows etc.. Can you believe I only put out 3 songs in the whole year of 08? I pretty much took 08 off to get my personal life in order... Now Im back and better than ever.. Yes Im still with Just Blaze and Ft. Knocks is still going very very strong....

Congratulations 2 Just Blaze for holding down the number 1 spot with his record 'Live Your Life' feat T.I. and Rihanna... It was amazing watching that song come to life. And YES, my album WILL be released.... someday. Dont worry yall its timeless music so it has and will continue to stand the test of time... BUT, to show yall Im not playing... I give yall my first release of the New Year..... Warning Shots 2... I dont know how many of you copped the first Warning Shots but this is the sequel and the music is much hotter... If you dont remember Warning Shots, that was where songs like, Favorite Things, Come Again, Stocking Cap and a bunch of my other street classics come from..... Now we have the sequel.. All BRAND NEW music produced by Just Blaze, Scram Jones, Buckwild and Myself.. If you ever liked Saigon, Youre gonna love him now.. I promise..... Warning Shots 2 will deliver like never before.... Saigon is back.

Oh as for the people who sent songs for Collaborations.. The ones that worked out... Youre welcome.. I gave you all waaaay more than what your little money gave me.. I DONT do this shit for money.. I love to see young new talent shine... For the people who's songs and money I turned down.. I told you if youre wack youre money will get you no where and now you know Im a man of my word.... Please Im killing 16's this year... I have a point to prove...

If YOURE WACK KEEP YOUR MONEY.... I only associate with heat............

Warning Shots 2 on the way.......... Im gonna single handedly reinvent Hip Hop.... WATCH"

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