Saigon Contradicting Beef Statements

So after saigon realized he fell for Joe Budden's pre-album beef flavored bait he posted this blog on his MySpace:

R.I.P Joe Budden

Okay.... 2 can play at this game...... He likes to battle with raps.. I like to battle wit my hands.....He baited me into a battle and I accepted it and destroyed him ...Now I baited him into a boxing match... Lets see if he accepts the challenge like I did...Wow its beautiful how the mind works....Oh, and he bought the kids into this....THIS is how U disrespect someone.....Part 2 coming soon featuring Gloria Velez, its called.... 'I Wanna Make MO LOVE'.....hahaha Battle rapping is more fun than I thought... Oh yeah... Free Prodigy hahahahaha

In the original blog posted before he edited it, he wrote:
This is the first and last diss record Ive ever done in my life so dont expect this to keep going back and forth.. Unlike the mouse, I have a mission with my music and its not just running around trying to start battles but to continue my role as an activist in my community and to teach and uplift the generation coming up under me.... Im finished with this mouse after this... He can make all the songs he wants....Fuck em.
Read the full blog entry here. Thoughts? Bored Sunday with nothing to post so bare with me folks lol.