Saigon Denies Squashed Beef With Budden

This morning Miss Info posted on her blog that the Joe Budden & Saigon beef had been squashed the following night. In the blog she wrote
Wow. Joe and Saigon talked last night, Just Blaze reffed, and a cease fire was established. Not sure who technically “won”, but I think, with the songs and the voyeurism and no collateral damage…we did.
Well XXL Mag got in touch with Saigon who confirmed that the rumor is NOT true.

“Nah that’s what Just Blaze wants to happen in his heart, I don’t know where he got that information from but that’s totally bullshit. I don’t know where that came from. For a while you know Just been trying to squash that shit cause he understands what it can turn in to. He just doesn’t wanna see it go past –you know just being around me and a lot of my people – and he doesn’t wanna see it go anywhere other than wax. And he knows that’s very, very, very likely gonna happen.”

When asked about the latest 2 diss records "Pain in His Life" & " Pushin' Buttons", Saigon stated if he has to he will keep releasing diss records.

“To tell you the truth I don’t want to but you know know that shit is getting fun, ’cause I don’t really battle but it’s fun now – now i’ll come back 10 times stronger than I came,” he said about putting out another track. “So if his shit ain’t 10 times stronger that that ‘Pain in his Life‘ – which I know he can’t make a better record than that – if he can make a better record that than shit, he’s good, then I gotta step my shit up and do it again.”

Joe Budden and the whole Slaughterhouse family AKA The Voltron Crew will be @ S.O.B.s tonight starting at 7

Saigon also just posted this on his MySpace blog:

No Phone Calls

Contrary to whatever whoever is saying, If Joe Budden or Just Blaze spoke to anyone on the phone it was not SAIGON...... So there you have it... I said what I had to say at the end of my song 'Pushing Buddens' and thats where it stands with that nigga............