Max B Free From Byrd Gang, Free From the Wrath of Jim Jones

Max B. and Jim Jones have been engaged in a battle of words for some time now. But it looks like things could get pretty interesting moving forward. The “Silver Surfer” rapper is now free from his Byrd Gang contract with Jones, XXL has learned.

“I’m as free as a bird,” the rapper told XXL exclusively. “Now it gives me the ability to ride without no remorse, no sympathy, no pity. I’m riding on everything. I’m riding. I’ma ride on my rivalry for the season. It’s gonna be so wavy. So big, so heavy, so controversial. It’s gonna be like none other.

“I’m gonna speak about everything, Jim Jones,” Max continued. “I got more deep, down, dark secrets.”

The rapper said he was able to get out of his contract through legal negotiations. He explained he’s received paper work from the New York Secretary of State that prevents Jones from pursuing legal action against Max B. in the future. He’s recognized as Persona Suri Juris.

“I’m not even part of the U.S. Government laws,” Max B. said. “I’m not a citizen of the United States, I’m dead ass. My laws, the laws you go by, I don’t have to follow. As long as I don’t purposely hurt nobody, I’m straight.”

The rapper said his next move is to release a mixtape and a DVD. The DVD, “Animal House,” will chronicle Max’s past year and his tribulations. The mixtape is the final in the “Public Domain” series. PD5, according to Max, will include up to 15 original tracks and a few freestyles. The rapper said he’s ready to start a bidding war between record labels for his services. For his next album, he hopes to collaborate with the likes of Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, and Nelly Furtado. “I’m gonna be 10 times better than Jim Jones ever was,” Max said.

If your not familiar with the past happenings Max B who was signed to Byrdgang (Jim Jones label) was incarcerated and put on like a 2.5 million dollar bail, which Jim Jones "paid for", but in return Max B sold ALL of his publishing rights, so everything Max wanted to release had to go through Jimmy first.

Max B then left Byrdgang and released slew of Jim Jones disses for some reason and since Jimmy owns him Max could never release an official album.